Date: 2015-12-11 10:16 am (UTC)
isadrag: (094)
From: [personal profile] isadrag
/sliiiides right along in here/

ngl this just makes me think of how hard it was for me to adapt to tumblr RP when I was so used to DWRP...

Like I said before, DW can be a much easier place to RP from than on tumblr because it's quick, easy, and the email notifs for responses are (to me) a giant bonus.

To give you a bit of an example let me use my musebox. Here's the only other IO thread I've done outside a game with Sadness. Replies are generally faster to do, imo it's easier to find icons because you can keyword them here, and even if you have more than 15 and want more there's an easy icon-in-comment code I can give to you that'll make your life a ton easier for picking things out if you do decide to RP on DW.

(One reason I prefer DWRP to Tumblr RP is that it's easier to keep up with threads and much, much harder to lose them, especially if they're kept on character journals or musebox communities.)

HTML works but you can't really customize your comments the same way you could on Tumblr. Which that may not be an issue, since keeping things simple on this medium can help take away the tedium. rhyme totally intended

Like I said on skype, I'm more than willing to answer any questions you have and help you with anything you're confused about. DWRP is rather confusing compared to any other form of RP, as is how you find other people here. Just for now, don't join any communities except Dear_Mun and Dear_PLayer (though you can request access from my musebox if you want and I'll grant it) because a lot of RP comms are games that require applications and etc. and with what you're looking for, you won't find that in games.
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